Wednesday, 23 April 2014

BMW Vision Future Luxury | The New BMW 7-Series

The new BMW 7-Series based on BMW Vision Future Luxury concept vehicle. BMW recently revealed the photos of their huge luxury concept vehicle and gave some hints for their future product strategy. 

And I assume that, Future Luxury concept vehicle will be born as the new 7-Series. Because, 7-Series is the flagship of the BMW and it should provide the latest technology and comfort. Starting with laser light system that will replace the traditional headlight system, OLED interior lighting at the rear, more efficient (as usual), exclusive and elegant exterior design (concept car is hand-made), Rear Seat Touch Command Tablet that extends the ConnectedDrive concept into rear seats, more comprehensive head-up display system and new user interface for the iDrive or ConnectedDrive (It will take longer to change the climate controls heat setting).

My personal view? BMW Vision Future Luxury looks amazing! Attention to details, interior design, materials are exquisite. I think the upcoming 7-Series will be more competitive. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

The New MINI Countryman with Facelift

The MINI Countryman with the facelift. MINI Countryman was revealed at the same year when the Range Rover Evoque was revealed. And MINI did a minor facelift to Countryman before the Evoque received one. Personally, I loved Evoque at the beginning but my emotions followed my brain and I started to prefer MINI Countryman due its technological advantage based on BMW. 

Literally, MINI Countryman is a tiny X5 with the MINI design philosophy. For some people that’s not tempting but for me, I like it. BMW offers wide range of gadgets and efficient engines. Countryman may not offer the same level of off road experience like the Evoque, but that’s the compromise.

The facelift of MINI Countryman is the new LED headlights and more personalisation options. Also, minor revisions to improve the aerodynamic performance. The 6-speed automatic gearbox is still with us, I think there won’t be any 8-speed auto near soon. In addition, MINI Countryman received the updated the information system that allows you to install apps like on your smart phone.

Worth to buy? Yes, it offers larger boots space, four-wheel drive and BMW infrastructure. And slightly more aggressive look.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Worth to Buy Maserati Ghibli?

Maserati Ghibli. We were waiting for this car for quite long time. And does it worth to buy? Yes!

The last time we saw a Maserati Ghibli was 1997. I clearly remember 1997 but for many people, that’s a very long time. During this time gap; Mercedes introduced CLS, BMW introduced 6-Series Gran Coupe, Porsche introduced Panamera, Audi introduced A7 and Jaguar XF!

The last Maserati Ghibli never experienced a competition like this. And the German brands not only offer driving experience but also offer state-of-art technology. Pre-crash systems, night vision, 20-way seat adjustment, seat massage, semi-automatic driving functions and many more. Except Jaguar XF, the rest of German cars are kind of derivatives of other existing models. (E-Class to CLS, 5-Series to 6-Series, A6 to A7). Furthermore, German cars offer wide range of engine options to capture any market gap. That’s the reason we can see many of these vehicles on the street all the time.

I am not against any of the German four-door coupe cars and would definitely buy a 6-Series Gran Coupe. I love the cars with lots of electronic functions. However, if you are considering these gadget  features is not your style, not planning to invest a house price to something with four-wheel and if you want something really exclusive. You need to buy a Maserati Ghibli.

Maserati Ghibli was never the pinnacle of the automotive industry but it always protected its unique character and soul. An Italian car is a soul, you are not going to look for an automatic breaking function on an Italian car. If you want to experience something new in automotive world and feel special, you need buy a Maserati. Ghibli is your first step to enter the world of Maserati and a bit Ferrari.

Also, Maserati has a very long heritage of motor racing, owning a Ghibli is the first step of experiencing this epic heritage. 

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