Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Essential Accessories for Men by Tom Ford

The essential accessories for men according to Tom Ford. And the essentials starts with Raggio Di Sole Bifold Wallet, Buckley Leather Flap-Zip Messenger Bag, Edward Leather Semi-Brogue Lace-Up Shoes and Raggio Di Sole Cylinder Buckle Belt. Hopefully, they are not über expensive like the slippers!

Additional information, Tom Ford's collection does not show any bold branding like other brands. Tom Ford fashion collection is the brand for people, who does not wish to be spotted!



Aston Martin Lagonda | Four-Door and Bespoke

Aston Martin is going to release Lagonda! Four-door bespoke, super high performance sedan. And Lagonda will be only available to Middle East, because they can afford to buy! Similar to One-77 project, Aston Martin Lagonda will be very limited and exclusive. 

I am assuming, the engine will be based on the existing V12 engine and it may share the same platform with Aston Martin Rapide S. And I am wishing that Lagonda will not have any resemblance with the Rapide S or any other existing Aston Martin model. However, based on the photos the front-end of the Lagonda will not be that different than the Rapide S!

From the left side, Lagonda looks really nice and I can clearly say, it is planning to compete with Bentley FlyingSpur, Porsche Panamera Turbo S and some of the Mercedes AMG models. As Aston Martin did not release any spec details, I cannot say good or bad. However, based on their existing technological abilities, Lagonda may not offer the same state-of-art technology like a Porsche or a Mercedes. Don't expect Lagonda to stop by itself and give you a back massage!

Photos Credits
Aston Martin

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish | When and How Much?

Christian Louboutin nail polish will be available soon at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols! I know you have been waiting for this for a very long time. Don't deny it, you really wish to carry a part of Christian Louboutin on your body. You may have the privilege to purchase pair of Louboutin heels or ended up with a credit card holder or a spiky laptop case. 

But nothing can take the place of the Christian Louboutin's patented red nail polish that is the same colour on each Louboutin shoe! Also, Louboutin's nail polish will be the more accessible product on their range! Never forget this, it is called product line extension and works well with luxury brands. That's why Ferrari sells teddy bears with a Ferrari jacket on!

Anyway, Louboutin's nail polish bottle is 8-inch high and inspired by the iconic 8-inch heels of Louboutin. Actually, that's like a prototype heels and never been to production. And Louboutin's nail polish will available with 30 different colour range to satisfy wide range of tastes.

When Louboutin's nail polish will be available? And how much? 31st August will be the release date and it will be $50. And it will be the most common gift :)

But please do not carry the Louboutin's nail polish bottle to every where, please!

Photos Credits
Christian Louboutin